For Better And For Worse


Technology- if not for its advancement, this very post may have not been written. least not for this publication anyway.  The advancement of technology has given birth to so many offshoots of the parent that even the narrowest of specialities are full grown vocations in their own right.  Unfortunately, the very thing that has improved our lives; the thing that has created countless opportunities, jobs, conveniences, and lifestyles also stands to hurt us as a formidable enemy.

It’s sobering to realize that some of the greatest advancements in the last 20 years that we take for granted can do so much to bring us close to people on the other side of the planet , and at the same time can make us strangers to those even next door.  In my field of vocation, accidentally ignoring the real world is an occupational hazzard that one must guard against.

There are quite a few studies going on that are beginning to expose the downside of our online world, as the effects of technology overload are only now beginning to show their consequences.  I saw a news article the other day that proclaimed the need for Internet Addiction treatment as a necessary component of medical care.  An entire lifestyle, complete with its own diseases and social ills has been born, seemingly a mini-universe within our own existing environment.

Perhaps this is the real Virtual Reality?  And there’s no need to create it, because it looks like it is already upon us- potentially, that is.

So how do we safely exist in a world full of technology that is arguably more of a necessity than a want?  Is there, in fact, a safe way to live within it?  I think there is, and it is probably a lot simpler than most people think.  As a matter of fact, I believe I’m doing one of the most helpful things I can, right now. 

There’s an insurance company that has some great advertisements out- one of them ends with this serious looking guy in glasses staring directly at the camera while he says “Human beings behaving humanly…brilliant!”  It’s a funny commercial- my kids and I always laugh when it comes on, but that statement underscores my point here.

What good is it to have all of this technology and opportunity if we squander it away trying to make as many dollars, contacts, and business opportunities as we can when all the while we forget to take advantage of this system to reach out and be human like we so desparately need to be?


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