Eminem and Corporate Strategy


There’s a line in Eminem‘s hit “Superman” that warns “don’t touch what you can’t grab…end up with two back hands…” While the original intent of the lyricist was aimed in a completely different direction, the simple fact is that this phrase should apply to your corporate strategy as well as to your work out mix.

If your company engages in offerings or activities that do not meet its strategic directives then your company will pay the price in terms of opportunity costs or costly mistakes – or as Eminem so eloquently puts it you’ll “end up with two back hands.”

When asked today whether DirectClarity could provide a quote for the preparation of marketing materials, we had to decline. We responded that we’re a web company very good at making marketing materials come to life on the web, but that we leave the business card and brochure design to the marketing agencies with whom we work so well. We’ve learned that deviating from our mission is a costly endeavor that we must avoid.

Eminem knows this in his own corporate strategy. He knows not to touch what he can’t grab, or he’d be trying to compete with the likes of Josh Grobin.


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