Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Fold ’em


So I’m on my way to Wal-mart this morning to buy a new wireless router (the old one unceremoniously passed on) and I decided to flip the Sirius over to a news channel.  After all, it’s early and I have to go spend money that I don’t have to buy something to replace the something that shouldn’t have quit being worth something this soon, and I’m figuring that hearing about problems far worse than mine will improve my day- a strategy that works well I might add.  You should try it sometime, it’s a great way to reverse-engineer a little gratitude.

But on to the good stuff: I turned up the volume just in time to hear President Bush come on and give a high level overview of how he’s going to proceed with the whole Russia/Georgia mess.  A lot of folks will probably disagree with me on this next statement, but in the spirit of debate I’ll offer you a warning/disclaimer.  The further you read beyond the statement, the more likely you are of agreeing with me.  So you might want to cut your losses early and read something else.

Okay, warning delivered, here we go: Bush is absolutely brilliant, and he displayed that brilliance yet again this morning. 

Brilliance?  No, I’m not suffering from heat stroke, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit my head, but thank you for your concern.  Yes, brilliance, and the ole’ Bushwhacker has it on more than one level.  He made it clear in his radio address that he has authorized Humanitarian aid from the US.  Then he said it was already on its way.  Then he dropped the brilliant bombshell: To get things rolling quickly we decided to fly it in using our military.  Do you see it?  Isn’t it just blindingly shrewd?

If Russia moves against us, they screw up on the Humanitarian front and lose face with the rest of the world for blocking aid to innocent civilians.  They also lose on the Military front because the “volunteers” they crossed just happen to be (for expedience only, I’m sure) official US Military personnel, which would put them at odds (militarily) with us. 

Of course the mission staff are probably comprised of trained soldiers, pilots, intelligence officials, and some folks with other military/political clout which carries the added benefit of quick and accurate intelligence gathering, and the beginnings of supporting the underdogs by offering strategy and other non-combatant methods.

Now if that’s not a shrewd move on Bush’s part, I don’t know what is.  And he bolsters this with sending Condi to France to show support (read: more US involvement) to Sarkozi, who has a direct interest via the EU in seeing Georgia defended against this invasion.

So what’s the other level of brilliance Mr. Bush shows?  He very wisely picks when and when not to reveal his intelligence.  Time and time again, Bush has gained the upper hand against adverseries by allowing folks to walk around believeing he’s shallow, slow, and not capable.  I wateched him do it to Al Gore in the debates back in 2000, and again to John Kerry in ’04.

Kenny Rogers had it right, without a doubt.


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