Just Trying to Reconnect


For the second time in a week a judge has ruled that Bernie Madoff doesn’t have to go to the slammer after allegedly attempting to disperse money, jewelry and other assets to his family. He defense attorney claimed that Madoff wasn’t trying to abscond with the goods, but rather use the $173 million in checks found in his desk drawer to “reconnect” with his family members.

I guess people who defraud their investors don’t really need their family until it all hits the fan and the indictments come rolling down the grand jury steps. But alas, Madoff really had a great plan in the wings…screw his investors out of billions, live the high life for a few decades, and then when he needs a little support, toss his ever loyal family members a couple of hundred million bucks. I wonder if any of his “family” members worked for SEC?

And here’s the punch line…as if that weren’t funny enough…the second judge this week bought it!


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