The TPS Report


Your employees don’t usually produce what you expect, but rather what you inspect. The metrics you use to gauge the success of your operation can be critical to your success, but only if you measure the right results.

If you’re selling cars, for example, and your weekly reports measure the number of hot dogs your sales people give away at the Saturday promotional barbeque, then chances are you’ll never know how many cars you’re selling until you’re broke.

If you’re a state agency trying to save money on procurement costs and you write an RFP that measures the number of employees and bidder insurance levels, instead of how much money a system can save, then you might as well be rolling up those $100 dollar bills and smoking them.

If you are Freddie Mac and you measure the gross number of mortgages you provide with no metric in place to monitor who is actually paying those mortgages, you get an 81% increase in foreclosures in 2008.

Yah…have you read the memo about TPS reports? Do you need me to get you another copy of that memo?

If it were not so true in so many companies and government institutions across America it would really be as funny as the comedy Office Space.  But in all reality, it’s not really funny and can cost your company dearly if you don’t measure the right success metrics in your own operation.

Measuring the correct metrics is not rocket science. It just takes a look at the obvious, and if the obvious is not clear ask your employees to help you. You’ll be surprised at how insightful they can be in helping you really understand what it takes to succeed. Delicious Bookmark this on Delicious


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