PC Die-hard Switches to Mac


I love those Mac commercials. I really do, but I never really thought seriously about switching to Mac.

I put up with the degrading performance over time of my PCs, I was even okay with the occasional rebuild – from scratch – just to get a fresh start. The cost of two days of productivity was always well worth the investment in gained productivity by not having to reboot a few times a day.

No. I never really took the Mac commercials seriously because we develop applications at my company. We can can work with Photoshop or Illustrator with the best of them, but our talents at DirectClarity lie in content management and web applications, so nah, we’ll stick with PC because “we develop applications”.

Imagine my surprise three weeks ago when I was treated to an executive briefing at Cisco World HQ in San Jose where 90% of the brains providing the briefing on everything from Internet security, to how their Unified Computing Platform can help healthcare IT companies comply with the HITECH Act, walked in with their MacBook Pros…

Hmm. My image was shattered. These were geeks of the highest order. Carrying Macs. Mental note to self.

Upon my return to Phoenix I continued along my PC ways until just before a big WebEx with a team of hospital corporate big wigs my PC froze and left me to explain why we had “technical difficulties” in presenting our information.

That was it. Fed up with PC, I found a great deal on a MacBook Pro, loaded Snow Leopard, added my Exchange Server with no issues at all, and installed VMware and then Windows XP on top of it.

Never has a Microsoft product run so smoothly with so few errors.

My Mac just works. That’s all I expect (too bad my PC doesn’t understand that little job requirement).


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